Sparrow/Swallow Spike

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Sparrow/Swallow Spike


Item: Sparrow/Swallow Spike

Model: E40-S

Material: Polycarbonate base and SS304 pins

Pin quantity: 2x20pcs

Bird spike length: 50cm (19.7inch)

Pin diameter: 1.3mm

Bird spike width: 50+/-0.5cm

Base width: 2.2cm  (0.87inch)

Bird spike height: 9cm (3.54inch)

Base Length: 50cm  (19.7inch)

Two Prong Bird Spikes


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Preventing birds from landing on ledges is an important and crucial step in bird deterrence.

Bird spikes offer an effective and humane deterrent for larger bird species and are available in several models. Both options are designed to blend with your building’s color scheme and design while providing a cost-effective and long-term solution to deter nuisance bird infestations and protect your property from damage.


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